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Daniel LeMoine is a social entrepreneur, change-maker, and writer. Here he writes at the intersection of faith, work, & building a matterful career.

At work, most people either check their faith at the door or don't know how (or if) their faith should inform the way they build their career. For many, they end up writing off business all together as a lost, god-forsaken sphere of culture.

I write here about intentional leadership, how faith can and should inform our work, and the process of building a career that matters.

Each of us can forge a faith for Monday, not just Sunday — a faith that is rooted in Jesus and guides how and why we do what we do in building our businesses and organizations.

I believe our values should faith, if it truly is our faith, should be more than a Sunday morning after-thought.

I believe that when we intentionally let what we say we value inform what we say and do in all parts of our life, we will win.

Treating people with dignity, seeing customers and employees as human, seeking the peace and prosperity of your community, keeping first things first, all result in good things flourishing in your life. And this includes your work in the marketplace.

Forging a Faith for Monday

Hey there! I'm Dan LeMoine, and thanks for stopping by.

Right now I'm spending a large portion of my bandwidth finishing strong and transitioning from our nonprofit work in the West Indies to establishing a business in the southwest United States. 

From time to time, I write here about things I'm learning about business, the ups and downs of being/becoming an entrepreneur, intentional leadership, and how my Christian faith and following Jesus informs how I approach work and my career.

I hope some of this resonates with you as you work to build an organization or career that matters.

the Intersection of faith + Work(s)

Have you ever asked yourself: 

  • How should my faith be intertwined with my work and my business? 
  • How do I pursue purposeful and meaningful work without winding up in the poor house?

  • How do I live an undivided life where what I believe consistently aligns with what I say and do?

I sure have. 

EVERY business has the ability to help others develop and become their best selves. Good businesses beget good people. And good people beget a better culture and world.

Years ago I left a comfortable consulting job slightly jaded and asking myself those questions. 

Like many others, I questioned whether business was a forsaken part of culture, driven only by maximizing personal and corporate bank accounts — to the detriment and destruction of people's families, marriages, health, and spiritual identity.

Fortunately, I've had the privilege to be involved and work with those forging an uncommon path, and have a passion to see business used as a massive force for good in the world, and the workplace transformed into a place by which culture is redeemed.

Every business has the ability to help others develop and become their best selves. Good organizations, regardless of niche or industry, beget good people. And good people beget a better culture and a better world.

Yet the stakes are still EXTREMELY high.

We all know dozens of people who have sacrificed their health, relationships, and faith in the name of worldly success and work. Maybe that's been you at different points in your career pursuits.

At some level we all desire to live an undivided life — where our daily actions map to what we say we believe. Yet there are traps, pitfalls and subtle compromises on the path to building a successful career which will undermine our intentions to make an impact, do purposeful work, and be our best selves.

Good intentions are not enough. As Christians, we must form a Christ-centered worldview from which we operate from.* 

Living and working from biblical principles is not just a Sunday school nicety. The hypothesis I am living and documenting here is this:

Operating from a Jesus-centered worldview will not only glorify God, begin restoring and redeeming our communities, but it will actually make us more effective, productive, profitable and help us WIN AT BUSINESS. 

We not only need the tactics and strategies of building successful organizations (both of which you'll find here), but we need a firm foundation and worldview from which to deploy these actions.

So, you're in the right place if you're looking to... 

+ Build successful businesses or organizations,

+ Do matterful work which help others flourish

+ Building a transformational (rather than simply transactional) culture,

+ Become a more courageous leader, and

+ Forge a faith for Monday (not just Sunday).

This is where I document the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. I share insight and tactics on building successful businesses which beget flourishing humans, and doing matterful work in an uncommon way.  

You'll also find articles and resources on things like servant leadership, business development, building a bulletproof mindset, cultivating your network, and the intentional pursuit of a God-honoring definition of success. Welcome!

More About Dan LeMoine


I'm on a mission to build successful organizations which solve matterful problems and help others flourish. I love and follow Jesus Christ, and He's pretty fond of me too.

I'm presently helping chip away at the global education crisis by serving the developing community of Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic as the Director of Growth & Development at Doulos Discovery School.  

I don't have it all figured out yet, but I'm glad to share lessons learned on this journey of building successful organizations without undermining my most precious relationships and my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I'm doing my best to develop myself and others, dance with the fear which comes with solving meaningful problems, and impact the world around me. 

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you achieve your goals or make your day more joyful! 

Almost forgot, if you'd like a more formal bio about me, you can see that here.

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[*Note: If you can't tell by now, on this site I write from an unashamedly Christian worldview. I won't be pulling any punches when it comes to viewing the world in light of biblical truths.

Everyone comes to the table with a given set of assumptions, experiences, and beliefs that shape their thoughts and decisions. And a distinctly Christian worldview not only deserves a seat at the table with other worldviews, but creates a beautiful and highly effective framework for solving the most meaningful problems in the world.]

Welp, there you have it. Additionally, you can see what projects and ventures I currently have on my plate by visiting my /NOW page.
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